Get involved at the vineyard

People every week find ways to connect, volunteer, and reach out at North Beach Vineyard. When we serve together, study together, and reach out together, we grow stronger together.

Volunteer & Serve

Serving is "in our nature."

Jesus modeled serving others in his life and ministry; He even said, "I came not to be served but to serve." 

At the Vineyard, we serve with others in teams; this allows us to accomplish more and build relationships, too. 

Connect and grow

Getting healthy and growing Spiritually

We are committed to making North Beach Vineyard a place where  people can explore how God created them for a purpose to fit into God's plan and what being a Jesus-follower is all about. We offer ways to grow spiritually, to find hope and healing, and to build friendships with other believers. You are invited to join in these opportunities each time they are available: