What to Expect?

Worship Gatherings that are Laid-Back & Passionate

That's how some describe The Vineyard's Sunday morning's worship gatherings. Casual attire. Friendly. Accepting. Relaxed. As well as Engaging. Jesus-encountering. Anticipating His Presence. Worship directed to God. Teaching aimed at Life-Change. Communion each Sunday. Prayer centered on bringing hope, healing, and a personal experience with the Father. Ours is a Sunday worship that prepares us for life during the week!

Church is for everyone

No matter where you come from, at the Vineyard you can belong before you believe.

Worship Gatherings are the place to discover God's love and presence, no matter your background. If you are single, married, retired, a student, or a child, North Beach Vineyard feels honored that you'd worship here. Everyone worships together and after the worship the children have a fun time discovering the Good News for their age.